Emergency Loans

It’s easy to access, quick and always available. Its geared towards the employee so as to make life normal even in times of an emergency.

SUKUMA LOANS works to provide employees with the convenience of applying for a 50,000 Ugx to 4,000,000 Ugx cash advance on their mobile phone.
The loan process is managed directly between the employee and SUKUMA LOANS, with the employee being able to borrow up to 30% of their net monthly
take home at an interest rate of 10% per month. All Loan requests are confidential and all transactions are secure.

Benefits to the organization
  • The organization does not have to look for funds to cover the unexpected salary advance cost.
  • The employee is able to manage their finances better without engaging the employer.
  • Employees can focus on their jobs as opposed to looking for funds in times of an emergency hence increasing productivity.
  • Less work for the HRM, finance and accounts department since all the reconciliation and reporting is done at SUKUMA LOANS.
  • Less paper work.
  • Application process is clear, straightforward and entirely on mobile phone. The employee won’t need to queue up or even
    leave the privacy of their own work station.
How SUKUMA LOANS works (Organization)
  • Organization signs MOU with SUKUMA LTD.
  • A web portal is provided to HRM/Finance department.
  • The amount is input, the employee can borrow only up to 30% of their net salary.
  • The employee is then activated on the SUKUMA LOANS platform and can start transacting as soon as he/she receives a PIN by SMS on their mobile phone.
How SUKUMA LOANS works (Employee)

Request to be added to the SUKUMA Loans platform and receive a PIN.

  1. Dial *252# (MTN Customers only)
  2. Select Banks and SACCOS
  3. Select SUKUMA Loans
  4. Select Request Loan
  5. Select 30 Day Loan
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Enter SUKUMA PIN
  8. You will receive a notification of funds in your Mobile Money Wallet.

Note: You can only get one loan at a time. If you get a loan, you need to pay it back in full within 30 days before getting another.

Organization Responsibility.
  • Input accurate amount, employee details and activate on the SUKUMA LOANS platform.
  • Provide a point of contact in the organization that will coordinate the loans.
  • Update the 30% in cases of salary increment or decrement.
  • Delete those employees whose contracts have been terminated or those that are on suspension.
  • Provide redress incase of 60 days in loan default.
  • Provide KYC and any necessary information in case of employees that are terminated before clearing their outstanding balances with SUKUMA LOANS.
SUKUMA LOANS Responsibility
  • Provide funds when employees are in need.
  • Provide clear charges levied on the employee upfront before she/he takes up the SUKUMA LOANS facility.
  • Provide clear reconciliation details to the employee when she/he requests for it.